Wednesday, December 13, 2017

A Glimmer of Hope

A glimmer of hope slipped into the world,
arriving with love at our Savior’s birth,
a promise fulfilled that was long foretold,
with divine light piercing the darkness of earth.

That hope leapt into the hearts of shepherds
at the angel’s appearance with great news of joy.
It swelled with the praises to God in the highest
because of the coming of this holy baby boy.

The shepherds hurried to find the infant
lying in a manger filled with hay.
Hope overflowed with love and amazement
on seeing the precious gift from God where He lay.

This hope gleams on in us today,
flickering, growing, steady and bright,
bringing joy and peace that Jesus conveys
into lives receptive to God’s holy light.

© Connie Arnold, 2017


DMS said...

A glimmer of hope is always a good thing. :)


Connie Arnold said...

Yes, it is, Jess. And more is even better!

Kim said...

Oh what a great description of Christmas. I like the divine light piercing

Connie Arnold said...

Thank you, Kim. Merry Christmas!

Kim Standard said...

I like the hope gleams on in us today! Beautiful words