Thursday, January 26, 2017

Don't Worry About Tomorrow

Don’t spend your time worrying
About what will come tomorrow,
Anticipating trouble
With dread or with sorrow,
Or let your anxieties
Keep you awake at night,
Cowering in the darkness,
Filled with pain and fright.

There’s no need to worry
Or to have a troubled soul,
But put your trust in God,
Knowing He is in control.
Release your anxieties
And get some peaceful rest,
Give your troubles to the Lord,
Who always knows what’s best.

Connie Arnold

Friday, December 16, 2016

Christmas Hope

Hear the jubilant tones 
of Christmas bells ringing
And the magnificent echoes 
of angel choirs singing,
See the beauty and splendor 
of a starlit sky gleaming,
Feel the joy and wonder 
in a peaceful night’s dreaming.

Envision in your mind 
a baby laid on a bed of hay,
The glory that beamed from heaven 
on a star’s bright shining ray,
The amazement of the shepherds 
at what the angels had to say,
The shepherds kneeling to worship 
the holy infant where He lay.

Reflect on the great significance 
of that life changing night,
Feel your heart being pierced 
by God’s love beaming pure and bright,
Find hope that the gift of Jesus 
brings salvation, peace and light,
And assurance of God’s mercy and grace
 making all things right.

© Connie Arnold, 2016

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Autumn Changes

In autumn the leaves start changing 
to colors rich and bright,
and soon they all
will begin to fall,
creating an artistic sight.
The green that in summer was seen 
on the branches of every tree 
has now turned to gold
and reds quite bold;
this change is delightful to see.

The exquisite beauty of nature
when leaves begin to die,
as vibrant shades abound,
covering the ground,
leads us to wonder why.
Why such a glorious tribute
to what is almost past?
Crackling leaves drying
in this season of dying;
their splendor cannot last.

Changes come into each life
in what has happened before.
Though all things must end,
on God you can depend
to bring beauty to life once more.
excerpt of A Symphony of Seasons
© Connie Arnold

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Inspiration and Beauty

My newest poetic venture is in writing verses for greeting cards. Here are some of the new ones my publisher, RPJ & Company, has recently had printed. They also have my photos on the cover. I'm excited about having these little cards to share a bit more inspiration and beauty with others!

Here is a verse from the Thinking of You card. The photo on it was taken on the trip my husband and I took to Ireland last year with our son and daughter-in-law. Blessings to you!

I wish for you a day filled with light,
And a day that is filled with love,
From the morning until night,
Blessed by God above.

May this day, filled with light
That shines sweetly on your face, 
Help you feel that all is right
Through God's mercy, love and grace.

© Connie Arnold

If you are interested in these cards or want more information about them and a discount, feel free to email me at

Sunday, May 15, 2016

On God You Can Rely

Sunshine returns when the clouds roll away,
Spring comes once winter is through,
After the night comes the following day,
After showers a rainbow comes into view.

On the beauty of nature we can rely
As surely as God creates birds to fly.

Again joy returns following sorrow,
Healing can come after suffering pain,
At the day’s end we have hope for tomorrow,
And enjoy blooming flowers after the rain.

On God’s comfort and blessings we can rely
As surely as there is a sun in the sky.

Excerpt from Abundant Comfort and Grace
by Connie Arnold

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Finding Peace

Moving closer to God
may bring peace into one’s life,
gravitating towards serenity,
away from the stress and strife.

The essence of peace is found
in knowing God is in control,
trusting that God will calm the storms,
bringing peace to a troubled soul.

No matter the situation
or how uncertain life may seem,
with God we experience hope and love
far greater than what we dream.

© Connie Arnold

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Love and Light Came for All

Love and Light came at Christmastime,
a gift from God, divine and sublime,
offered freely to everyone,
the gift of God’s only beloved Son.

The light of a star shining radiantly
glittered with hope for humanity,
a glimpse of the peace that was meant to be
and of God’s power and majesty.

The world was trapped in the darkness of sin
until the Light of Christ entered in,
revealing God’s mercy, love and grace,
shining on people of every race.

The world was changed by this Love and Light
when Jesus was born on that special night.
Through the centuries, celebrating His birth,
joy is found in the miracle of God coming to earth.

 © Connie Arnold