Friday, April 17, 2009

Blog Book Tour April 20-30

A blog book tour for Abiding Hope & Love begins Monday, April 20, and I hope you will visit the host blogs each day. There will be two drawings for a free copy of the book, and one for an Amazon gift certificate from those who leave comments during the tour! The schedule and links to blogs are:

April 20-30 Simply 4 God, Valerie Murray - excerpts

April 20-21 Books and Authors, Joyce Anthony - includes free book drawing!

April 22 Virtual Book Tour de 'Net, Karina Fabian - interview

April 23 Book Reviewer and Author, Amber Stults - with book giveaway!

April 24 Stories by JB, JoAnne Bennett

April 27 Free Spirit Marvin Wilson - interview with husband, Tom

April 28 Kat Logic Katrina Wampler - Kaylen's Write to Heal

April 29 The Surrendered Scribe, Julie Arduini

April 30 Heading Home Lynn Mosher

Each day of tour Simply 4 God, Valerie Murray will share excerpts and a special post

I'm looking forward to reading your comments and responding!



Mary Moss said...

Connie, I'll be sure to check in with each of these sites. Wow! I should do this for my book:-)

Dr.John said...

I wish I had the time for each blog on the tour.

Helen Ginger said...

Best of luck on your tour, Connie. Hope you meet lots of new friends and readers.


conarnold said...

Mary, thank you for checking in the sites on the tour. You should do this for your book too! I'll be in touch with you about some of the details later.

Dr. John, I appreciate your stopping by and hope you'll have a chance to visit any of the blogs in the next 10 days that you can!

Helen, thank you for your good wishes. It will be fun to meet some new friends this way!

Lisa Buffaloe said...

Hope your blog tour is fabulous!

Andrea said...

Connie, thank you so much for visiting my blog and for your kind words. I am more of a prose writer, but once in a while I do write a poem.

Your poems are beautiful. They flow so well, and with descriptive words, tell wondrous truths.

God bless you. Please return and visit soon.


conarnold said...

Lisa, thank you, it is starting out wonderfully!

Andrea, I'm glad you enjoyed the poems, and I will be back to visit your blog!

Anonymous said...

Connie it was my pleasure promoting your book. Each of your poems touched me. I will definetely share how they touched me in each and every post. Your friendship has touched me too. You are a beautiful woman with a beautiful and sweet spirit. I am glad our paths were allowed to cross. Let me know how well your book is doing okay? Love you.

Kim Kasch said...

Thanks for stopping by and for this blog tour list.


conarnold said...

Thank you for stopping by too, Kim. Hope you'll visit as many of the stops as you can!

Mikes said...

So you're Connie Arnold that Simply4God always talks about. Finally i've met you. Thanks for this list.

God Bless you! Nice poems!

Your Daily Word

conarnold said...

Yes, Mike, I'm Connie Arnold that is so blessed to have a dear friend like Valerie at Simply4God! Thank you for stopping by here.